Shift the way you drive

We are developing a modern, low-cost, and highly effective way

to control traffic violations

Let's save thousands of lives together

Save the last 30 seconds of the video in one tap

Send the submission in a few taps

Receive a reward from the penalty paid

Media about us

We are the first startup in the world to develop a system that can

detect car accidents with 99.9% accuracy

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How it works DashcamUa

What are our advantages?

Nearby accident warning. We facilitate rescue and medical services in emergency launch

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Receive a reward from the penalty paid

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DashcamUa Taxes
DashcamUa Bonuses

An ever-growing bonus system

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Modern technology makes the work of the police transparent

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DashcamUa Techs

Instant network launch across the country. Zero infrastructure costs.

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Coming soon

Insurance DashcamUa

Fair insurance

Now drivers have an extra motivation to follow the traffic rules, and insurance companies have the opportunity to make their business more profitable

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Smart parking

We have developed a unique system that shows free and paid parking spaces availability. No other country in the world has such functionality so far

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Parking DashcamUa
Dashcams DashcamUa

Integration with DVRs

Our system is designed so that a smartphone with a holder is enough for normal operation. To make it more convenient, we are working to ensure that the DVR can work as an external camera of the smartphone

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Mobile solution for light accidents reporting

We have prepared a simple and quick way to submit insurance report so that cars involved in a minor accident do not create traffic jams and do not stay on the roads for hours.

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Europrotocol DashcamUa


Security DashcamUa

Several levels of protection

Video cannot be manipulated in our application. We have developed several layers of protection - all scams will be visible in seconds.

Anonymity DashcamUa


We make all submissions to the police on our own behalf and are solely responsible for the quality of each statement. The personal data of all our users is anonymous and is not stored on our servers

We do not accept videos taken by drivers while driving.

We recommend that you use the phone mount horizontally.